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Nova Ladies Series Mysteries

Ding-Dong -Is She Dead?

After witnessing a Mob murder in NYC, Allie Foster is placed in the witness protection program. Starting a new life in Texas is hard enough—but finding a front door hanging on its hinges while delivering Nova beauty products makes it even more difficult. A grisly trail of blood leads her to a terrifying discovery… a body. After a heart-stopping moment of fear, Allie realizes her friend is still alive, although badly beaten. When she rushes Megan to the hospital, it puts Allie right back where she doesn’t need to be—embroiled in yet another mystery.

Allie offers to help her friend protect her daughter, even as a second attempt on Megan’s life reveals her husband will stop at nothing to prove he’s above the law. When it fails again, Megan’s abuser decides to take his anger out on Allie instead. With the help of a handsome stranger, Allie escapes, but now both women are in danger. Justin Greenley, the gallant protector, offers them a safe haven until the would-be murderer is caught. His family’s ranch seems the idyllic choice, but Allie isn’t sure if she should trust Justin with her life… even if her heart tells her she should.


Curl up with this mystery suspense/thriller and start an adventure with the first in the Nova Ladies series: Ding-Dong - Is She Dead?

Death by Poison

After surviving an abusive husband, Megan Butts wants nothing more than a fresh start with her daughter Sally. She’s grateful for their home at the ranch, pitching in whenever she’s not working on her new Nova business. When she offers to clean out a cabin on the property, she uncovers more than she bargained for in a stack of old diaries.


Her tentative relationship with Mark Greenley takes a nosedive when Megan starts to investigate his mother’s death by supposed suicide, uncovering a trail of hidden money and blackmail twenty-five years in the making. 


Mark doesn’t want to dredge up the past, but Megan is determined to dig deeper, despite her overwhelming urge to give into her inclinations to obey men, a lesson her ex tried to beat into her. When the mystery starts to endanger not only her life but the life of her daughter, Megan must decide if her new love and life are worth the pursuit of justice.


This mystery suspense/thriller will keep everyone on the edge of their seats with the second book in the Nova Ladies series: Death by Poison

Deadly Discovery

Julie was trying to recover from a wound given to her by a fellow police officer in the line of duty when her grandmother asks for her help cleaning out the attic to keep her busy.

A seemingly, harmless task uncovers family secrets that have been hidden for over fifty years. She must decide if her inner strength is strong enough to handle the truth as it takes her on a journey far from home.

When Tyler bumps into Julie, they are attracted to each other and go out on a date, but will their family's pasts collide with a possible future together? Can she stay centered as prejudice, threats and even being stalked threaten to pull them apart? This thrilling romantic suspense novel is a story full of tragic events and the people who overcome the impossible to keep their family together.

Death by That:

A Christmas Novella 

It's the holidays and Allie, Megan, Julie and Karen are back for the weekend. They are followed by someone who just can't wait to get more details on their stories, but leads them straight into a mystery. When a holiday surprise for Allie and Justin turns into cold blooded murder, the four women must work together before a killer gets away.

Box set for books 1-3 and Christmas novella availabe here!

Merciful Death

Karen's Story

Coming Spring 2019

Saved by Death

Allie's Story continued

Summer 2019

When Life Brings Death

Allie Returns to New York

in Fall 2019