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Murders of the Zodiac Series


Women were dying and the press is calling him the birthday killer. My first day on the job left me with two unsolved murders and all the signs point to one killer, but who is he?

I don't want to end up like these women, dead and alone so I try a dating app. Can I let my guard down enough to let someone in when a murderer is on the loose?

Teaming up with Ryan Foxe for an intercity task force, we sort through all the evidence determined to catch this killer.

When a psychic warns us that someone is playing a game with us, Ryan doesn't believe the cosmic is sending us signs. I think she may be the only one who can help us find this killer before he kills again.

Join Leslie Boxe and her partner Ryan as they match wits against the first zodiac serial killer in this page turning new series.


Pisces had marked me for death. Was there any way to escape the determined killer from trying to take my life again?


The only crime I had commited was being born a Pisces... or was it?

Join Leslie Boxe and Ryan Fox as they battle against another serial killer in the second book in the Murders of the Zodiac series.


Running through the forest because a serial killer is chasing me, wasn't on my schedule for today. Now, I have no choice, but to play his game and out-smart him before I'm his next victim. I'm a survivor so he's toast or so I hope. 

I'm resigned to the fact that a killer has made us his own personal obsession, but I hadn't expected it to become personal. He took my partner and I'll do anything to her back. I can't let her die because of my mistake. 

Join Leslie and Ryan as they track down the Aries killer.


When a killer tries to murder me, I was protected by an unexpected source, his evil boss. He wants me alive so I can try to save people while he has them murdered.

In an unusual turn of events, the killer goes silent. Maybe he's giving me time to recover from my near-death experience, but I have a feeling that's not the case.

Playing his evil game just isn't my style. Now, catching a murderer is something I can get behind if I can stay out of the hospital long enough to try. This time he's going down.



Last month I recovered from an arrow wound. Now, I've discovered I have a gift, but it may get me killed before I can learn how to use it. My body can't afford another hole and this killer is a determined knife welding manic. Can I manage to stay on his trail long enough to find the Zodiac Master this time?


Coming in June